Domestic Missions

Our country matters.

Domestic outreach organizations are an important part of the overall mission program at Seymour Heights.  These ministries provide a multitude of blessings to people throughout the US.  Thanks to your faithful giving, we are able to sew seeds of love into these state side organizations.

Johnson University

JU has helped students explore their passions and pursue their calling since 1893. Their three-fold educational approach blends Arts & Sciences, Bible & Theology, and Professional Studies, preparing students for meaningful lifelong impact on the world in the name of Christ. As a Great Commission university, Johnson places strong emphasis on preparing students for cross-cultural ministry and outreach.  For more information, please visit their website.

American Christian Indian Mission

American Christian Indian Mission exists to: “Evangelize and Equip Native Americans for Christ.” Our purpose is to help Native Americans become aware of God and to bring them into a saving knowledge of His Son, Jesus Christ.  We teach that accepting Christ is the only way one can be saved. We accomplish this in a 3-fold ministry; The AICM boarding school, outreach to families of students, and Blue Bus ministry.