Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Welcome to the Spiritual Gifts Assessment resource provided by Seymour Heights Christian Church! This resource exists to provide God’s people with a way to discover their spiritual gifting, learn more about spiritual gifts, or to find new ways to engage in the ways that God is calling them to use their spiritual giftedness in the local church and beyond! Led by Dr. John Stricklen, Assistant Professor of Business and Leadership at Johnson University, this resource uses two brief assessments that should be taken at the start.
Spiritual Gifts Test 
Personality Profile

Start Here!

In this video John introduces the purpose of this resource and how to best use it to develop a deeper understanding of spiritual gifts. He also provides an overview of the importance of spiritual gifts in the life of the believer and the local church.

Spiritual Gifts

In this video John walks through how to use the results of your spiritual gifts test. Prior to watching this video be sure to take the spiritual gifts test, you will use the results in this step!

Personality Profile

In this video John explains the role of personality in better understanding our giftedness. Before watching this video, be sure to take the personality profile!